Innovation Lifecycle

Simply put, we find ways to create value for our partners.  Of course, every situation is unique.  An independent inventor may need patent expertise.  A technology firm with a rich portfolio of intellectual property may need monetization support.  And a start-up may need capital and wireless network expertise.  Innovation partners can provide all of these.  And as our partners’ needs evolve throughout the innovation life cycle, so can the nature of our relationship.


Do you have an idea, a hunch, or a new way of looking at things?  Well, prototypes and experimentation are critical, but this is also the time to protect any fundamental concepts that you have developed.


From idea to Minimum Viable Product (MVP).  Writing deployment quality code, or developing the first production units.


Take your MVP and market test it; get customer feedback and improve.


With a great stable version implemented, it is time to deploy more widely.

Our Partners

The wireless and mobile ecosystem is broad and complex, in terms of the nature of the technology as well as the types of players, each with a unique set of capabilities and experience.  It is this variety of players that has fueled the breadth, pace and diversity of innovation over time.  The opportunity for continued innovation, growth and value creation is substantial.  We believe that the key to capitalizing on this opportunity is an open approach to innovation that emphasizes collaboration and partnership.

If you are an inventor, Innovation Partners can support your efforts by offering attractive incentive-based compensation programs for the generation of intellectual property.  These programs enable you to focus on what you do best—technology innovation—and to leverage the resources of InterDigital, which includes a team of over 200 engineers and  a portfolio of over 20,000 patents.  Innovation Partners can also work with you to explore the potential sale of any intellectual property that you have already generated to InterDigital.

If you are a research laboratory, Innovation Partners can work with you to fund advanced research projects in areas of mutual interest.  In addition, we can provide opportunities to generate cash through the sale of intellectual property that may be non-revenue generating today.

If you are a technology company, there are many opportunities to create value with Innovation Partners.  One specific example is our partnership with Bio-Key International, a tech company that develops and delivers advanced biometric identification solutions to commercial and government enterprises.  Bio-Key’s solutions are used in embedded OEM products as well as some of the world’s largest identification deployments to improve security, guarantee identity and reduce identity theft.  Our partnership with Bio-Key has multiple elements, including an R&D collaboration that targets advanced Cloud security and identity and access management solutions for the mobile market.  The collaboration brings together Bio-Key’s innovative research and product development with InteDigital’s established efforts in mobile security and identity and access management, including physical layer security, user authentication and other advanced security research areas.  In addition, we have provided significant capital to Bio-Key in the form of equity and senior debt.  This enabled Bio-Key to repay existing debt, fund growth initiatives and increase working capital for their business.

Why Partner?

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If you are an inventor, a research lab or a technology company in the wireless and mobile ecosystem, then partnerships that secure access to complementary expertise, resources and capital are an essential element for successful innovation.

If you want a partner who has:

  • Substantial experience working side by side with others on large, complex and highly successful R&D projects,
  • Deep expertise in creating, managing and monetizing intellectual property,
  • The ability to quickly deploy capital for investment in your business and monetization of your intellectual property,
  • The financial strength of a large, public technology company, and
  • A seasoned team of multi-disciplinary experts who are dedicated to the creation and nurturing of innovation-driven relationships,

Then you should consider Innovation Partners.

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